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16 week program

Are you ready for dynamic support, comprehensive testing AND some hands-on coaching in the kitchen?  Then the Vitality Program is perfect for you!

This program includes everything in the Foundations and Elevate Programs, plus  guided shopping and/or farmer’s market trips and in-home cooking lessons where we’ll setup your kitchen for success! With 1:1 support throughout and access to the most comprehensive set of tools, strategies, and knowledge about your unique needs, Vitality is here when you’re ready to say yes to your healthiest, happiest, most vital you.

Dynamic support everywhere you need it

Initial Intake Consultation with Susan

This 90-minute appointment allows me to learn all about YOU. With an in-depth analyses of your goals, health history, and meal planning needs, this initial intake lays the groundwork to create a powerful Nutritional Plan and set you up for success!

1:1 Coaching support

With me at your side, you’ll feel fully supported and inspired to make your Nutrition and Lifestyle changes stick. During our scheduled follow-up sessions, together we’ll overcome any challenges you’re having and celebrate all your achievements too!

Delayed Food Allergy Test

Discovering what you’re allergic to is the best way to know what to avoid. That's the first step to turn food into medicine for your body!

Organic Acids Test

Understanding your gut health, brain health, and vitamin and mineral levels can help you know how to best approach your journey to vibrant health! This test offers a glimpse into all of that and more, and helps us determine a suitable healing approach to anyone suffering from chronic health conditions.

Organic Acids & Delayed Food Allergy Analyses

You’ll know exactly how to understand and correct any imbalances that present themselves in your Delayed Food Allergy and Organic Acids tests. Knowledge is power, and I want you to have all the information you need to meet your body's unique needs.

Educational Videos

(Alkalizing Foods & Moods, Eating Healthy Sweet 16 Principles, How to Avoid Environmental Pollution) Understanding the why behind the changes your making is critical to ensuring they're sustainable. I pride myself on educating my clients with videos and other tools so they know why making these changes will help them feel their best ever!

Custom Nutritional Plan with Food & Supplement Recommendations

Your custom nutritional plan outlines the best foods to meet your unique health goals and work as medicine for your body! It also includes supplement recommendations and a schedule to ensure you’re maximizing your nutrient intake.

Personalized Meal Plan with Recipes & Shopping Lists

A personalized meal plan with recipes and a shopping list just for you can make the process simple, easy, and much more fun! In the Vitality Program, you’ll get 2 week-long meal plans with recipes and more additional recipes to support your dietary changes over the full 12 weeks!

Grocery Store and/or Farmer’s Market Tour

I’ll guide you through shopping in both the grocery store and farmer’s market. Together, we'll empower you with strategies for how you can eat healthy, stay on a budget, and solidify the healthy changes you’re making with ease and support from start to finish.

Two In-Home Cooking Lessons

Let's get in the kitchen together so you can feel confident making healthy meals for you and yours! You’ll not only learn some great kitchen skills, you’ll also get some guidance on setting up your kitchen for success, including a pantry and fridge clean-out and meal-prep tips and tricks!

“Susan is a fabulous nutritionist. A year ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. Susan suggested certain supplements and a diet change. I followed her professional advice and she coached me all the way. 3 months later my cholesterol numbers were lowered by 100 points! All of my numbers had changed for the better. It was incredible! Susan's custom nutritional plan for me had positive healthy results. I felt better than I had in a very long time!”

“I had been on an antibiotic that had affected my joints and tendons. Susan advised me to start a detox program and it was such a success!! I felt better within weeks. I have so much to thank Susan for. She is so knowledgeable in so many aspects of the nutritional field. I am so grateful to have met Susan and to have her as my nutritionist. She is always professional, compassionate and caring too.”

My mission with Vitality is to empower and educate you from a 360º perspective to achieve Nutrition for every part of you!

The Vitality program gives you a comprehensive plan for success with loads of education and hands-on support while empowering you to make healthy changes to your Nutrition and Lifestyle!  

If you’re ready for dynamic support, hands-on coaching, and the most comprehensive set of tools to reach all your wellness goals, then the Vitality program is right for you!

If you’re still not sure if you’re a good fit, let’s get on the phone and chat!  Sign up below for your Complimentary Health Strategy Session and let’s find the program that will best put you on the road to success.

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