I love fully supporting you, educating you, and making sure your unique nutrition plan is 100% customized for anxiety, stress, and depression relief!

To meet you wherever you are on your health journey, I offer different tiers of programs and workshops.  Each offers different levels of support around natural ways to alleviate anxiety, reduce stress, and ease depression. Plus, all my programs with 1:1 coaching support are customized to ensure we can meet and exceed your health goals!

Take a peek below to get inspired. You can click on each program to find out more about what services are included. Or, if you’re looking to get started, book your Complimentary Health Strategy Session with me and we can determine what program is best for you!


DIY paths to better health are perfect for the do-it-yourself-er.

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“Susan was able to quickly get me on the right supplements, identify food allergies, and set me up with a diet plan.”

“Susan knows her stuff inside and out. She's an exceptional holistic nutritionist and will help you get the results you want, efficiently and effectively.”

“Susan is amazing, I trust her wholeheartedly.”


1-on-1 coaching support & education for anxiety & stress relief.

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“Susan is an incredibly knowledgeable, kind and professional nutritionist and her confidence in what she does always helps me feel comfortable in following her guidance. I highly recommend hiring her to support you in creating your best health ever!”

“I can't recommend Nutrition 27 highly enough! Susan helped me reduce my cholesterol, bring down my weight, decrease my stress & gave me a comprehensive education about nutrition. Call her today!”


The highest level of 1:1 education & support for long-term transformation.

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“Susan is a fabulous nutritionist. A year ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. Susan suggested certain supplements and a diet change. I followed her professional advice and she coached me all the way. 3 months later my cholesterol numbers were lowered by 100 points! All of my numbers had changed for the better. It was incredible! Susan's custom nutritional plan for me had positive healthy results. I felt better than I had in a very long time!”

“I had been on an antibiotic that had affected my joints and tendons. Susan advised me to start a detox program and it was such a success!! I felt better within weeks. I have so much to thank Susan for. She is so knowledgeable in so many aspects of the nutritional field. I am so grateful to have met Susan and to have her as my nutritionist. She is always professional, compassionate and caring too.”

Every path is unique.

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