My Story

Hi, I'm Susan.

I’ve committed to helping people reduce their stress, alleviate their anxiety, and ease their depression because I know these feelings all too well. I could write a novel for “My Story” (and maybe I will someday!), but for now I want to share the highlights of how I came to be where I am today.

Growing up, my emotional health didn’t start in a great place. My parents divorced when I was five, and emotional and mental abuse were rampant in my upbringing (including having a very abusive step father). I was in and out of therapy for many years as a child, and I struggled with verbal communication, self-mutilation, substance abuse, severe anxiety, and depression. Combined with growing up in the Midwest and eating a Standard American Diet that was insanely nutrient-deficient, and I wasn’t setup for any health successes early on.

In this chronically stressed state, I somehow managed to learn how to stuff all of my feelings and emotions deep down inside, never feeling safe enough to express my truth. It was my coping mechanism. Even though I was always anxious and often felt alone, isolated, and depressed, I did all I could to not show it. (I now know one of the reasons why I self-mutilated because I needed my outer body to reflect my inner pain.) As I struggled through life and felt like I was dying on the inside, I always did my best to wear a mask of happiness and work my ass off to be successful in school, sports, and work. No one ever knew what was really happening at home or in my head or heart. I was never able to share the truth about what was happening with anyone, or how I felt about it. Not even therapists.

This all caught up to me at age 19 when I was diagnosed with a solid toxic nodule on my thyroid. Looking back, I know the thyroid disease came from the suppression of my emotions throughout my childhood. At the time, not knowing any better, I received radioactive iodine treatment to kill the tumor and relieve the hyperthyroidism symptoms I was experiencing. Instead, it obliterated my thyroid gland; I went severely hypothyroid; and I fell into a deep depression before the medications could even be adjusted.

It was a very dark period for me. In time, I managed to find a stable spot where I could at least survive. I still suffered from anxiety and mild depression, and I was constantly feeling restless; but I managed to finish my undergrad degree, move to Arizona from Michigan, find a good corporate job and a partner, and at least become a “functioning” adult.

My awakening.

At age 23, I began experiencing stabbing pains in my gallbladder. This kicked off my first “awakening” into the world of holistic health. Conventional, Western Medical Doctors wanted to simply medicate me with painkillers and remove my gallbladder (plus put me through a host of other tests and procedures that almost no 23 year old needs). I was desperate for a solution, but I couldn’t just face that there was no solution besides surgery and a life of synthetic pain meds.

I decided to turn to a Naturopathic Doctor to get another perspective. By that time, the crippling physical, mental, and emotional pain were just too much to handle, and I went into my first appointment with her as a hot, anxiety-ridden mess!

I discovered the birth control I had been on for 10 years was toxifying my liver. I found out about the ill-effects of the synthetic hormones I had been taking (including the thyroid medication!). I learned that I was allergic to dairy and refined-sugars and that I had a lot of work to do if I wanted to get myself to any point of health I really wanted.

I began to experience a lot of relief after making the dietary changes and seeking herbal and natural solutions for my synthetic medications. At long last, I started to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. I had a path, a plan, and I was finally noticing results.

The change was so powerful, it inspired me to go back to school for my first certification in Nutrition. I had this desire spark deep within me to learn more of how I could continue to care for myself naturally and see how far this path of positive transformation would grow.


Holistic Nutrition Specialist

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
Tempe, AZ


Founded Nutrition 27

Scottsdale , AZ



Energetic Health Institute
Los Angeles, CA


Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Energetic Health Institute
Los Angeles, CA


Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist

National Association of Nutritional Professionals


Assistant Director of Community Education

Energetic Health Institute
Los Angeles, CA

Change is always

Our health is a journey.

As I upgraded my diet to be more nutrient-dense, changes began to happen in every facet of my life. Physically, my body started to open up and offer me all sorts of healing opportunities that brought about a lot of discomfort, though I knew they were part of my journey. This included clearing out a staph infection and intestinal candida infection, along with getting genetic testing done to learn I’m a poor methylator and needed certain nutrients to help keep my anxiety at bay.

My long-term relationship had become a tangle of pent up resentment and anger and frustration, and during the shift in my personal life, that relationship dissolved, and I met and started dating my would-be husband. I started to feel energetic and productive enough to climb the corporate ladder, and I earned two great promotions at work.

I thought I had finally found a place where I was thriving and was happy. But then I realized: it was only surface level happiness I was experiencing.

Even though my physical health continued to improve, I still had years of undigested emotions plaguing me. I was drinking way too much and too often because of the stress of work, and I had settled into a marriage because I didn’t want to be alone and abandoned in life. I just wasn’t truly HAPPY.

It was at this point I started to hear whispers from my higher self that I wasn’t living a fulfilled, heart-centered life, and I realized there were still more changes that needed to happen. The meditation I had been incorporating more and more into my life helped me to connect to my life’s purpose and where my sense of happiness and fulfillment came from. I realized I was going through this journey for one ultimate goal: so that I would be able to help others heal and find their joy and happiness too.

And it was at this point I committed to making that dream come true.

I saved up as much money as I could, left my corporate job after 8 years, went back to school to further my studies in nutrition, and committed to my business full-time. I got divorced. I started working with holistic wellness professionals and healers to help me work through and let go of the emotions that were no longer serving me. And it was during this time, I finally started to understand the true importance of self-love, self-care and living life with a purpose.

Clearing away my old relationships and habits that had always held me back, I finally took the time to focus on my own self-love and self-care. That is where the most amazing transformations have happened in my life. The journey has taken me to a place where I finally have the tools in my toolkit to love myself, manage my anxiety and health, care for myself deeply, and feel fulfilled, grateful and joyful in my everyday life.

You don’t have to go through it alone.

We all have different life journeys, all with ups and downs. But now, I can with 100% honesty say: I’ve satisfied my desire to find my happiness. I have committed to keeping my sense of joy and fulfillment, and I have the willpower to get through the tough times. Life isn’t always roses and sunshine, and stress, anxiety and depression are likely to arise. At least now I know how to manage them and treat them naturally when they do.

I want the same for you.

Happiness. Fulfillment. Gratitude. The knowledge that you’ve got this. You’re worth a life filled with joy, excitement, connection, and love. It’s waiting for you to say yes and start your own journey to claim it.

I want to support your own unique path. To offer the knowledge I’ve learned as well as tips and strategies that help make real success attainable.

So if any of this resonates with you and you have a deep desire to finally free yourself from the struggles of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression naturally, send me a message and let’s get the conversation started. Because it would truly be my honor to share my wisdom and knowledge with you so your own journey leads you to the health, happiness, and freedom you’ve always wanted.

Alkalizing Foods Enthusiast

I’m completely in love with creating delicious, nutrition-dense alkalizing meals for myself and my clients and helping others turn food into medicine.  When we alkalize our foods, we alkalize our moods!

Athlete Extraordinaire

I’m a fan of supporting my active lifestyle with the right foods!  I’m an avid mountain biker, hiker and tennis player and if I’m not working or in my kitchen, you’ll likely find me doing one of the three!

Environmental Advocate

I’m a huge supporter of taking care of our planet and help my clients learn how to do the same by incorporating plant-based, earth-friendly meals into their routine.

Program Adviser

I’m honored to be working as a Nutrition Adviser for the WarriorUp to Win athletic program.  We help child athletes learn about nutrition and how to make huge impacts on improving their athletic performance!

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