Today, I’d like to talk about Purpose.  Do you know what your life’s purpose is?  Do you know what it is you want to contribute to the world?  Do you know the reason for which you exist and why you were put here on this earth?


Deep down, we all desire to feel significant.  Be it to ourselves, our loved ones, our life partners or to the world, we all want to feel that we matter and have meaning.  Too many people go through their entire lives never truly connecting to their purpose. Never listening to their hearts to discover what truly lies within.  

Take a moment, take a deep breath and just listen… listen to what your heart is trying to tell you.  These moments of stillness are where the answers come from. In finding your purpose in these moments, ask yourself what energizes you?  What excites you? What truly makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning and make sacrifices for?

Connecting to Your Purpose

Believe it or not, this process can be made easier with a healthy, alkalizing diet.  When you start to eat clean, nutrient-dense foods, you start to improve your thoughts, enhance your moods, and open up your heart.  This allows for your heart to speak and for you to hear it. These moments of connection into your higher self are where the answers to your life’s purpose lie.  

Allow yourself to satisfy this need of finding your purpose to fuel your happiness.  By taking the time each day, even just a few minutes, to sit, breathe and connect to your heart, you’ll start to discover your life’s purpose.  Couple this with your clean diet, and you’ll be living a life full of purpose, joy and abundance before you know it.

Om Mani Padme Hum