Your 12-Week Program to Reduce Stress & Relieve Anxiety


12 Week Program

If you’re looking to lay a healthy base for reducing stress and alleviating anxiety for the long-term, my Foundations program is a great place to start. This program is an excellent choice if you’re looking for some professional guidance to set you on a healthy course for nutritional success.

You’ll receive helpful strategies and tools to empower you with more knowledge about the how and why nutrition matters for stress and anxiety relief.  And with the 1:1 coaching support you’ll receive, you’ll be well on your way to making lasting, healthy changes to become more resilient in coping with stress and anxiety.

Everything required for coping with stress and anxiety

Delayed Food Allergy Test

Discovering what you’re allergic to is critical to reducing stress, anxiety and depression. And, it's an important step to turn food into medicine for your body!

Personalized Meal plan with Shopping List

Personalized meal plans with recipes and shopping lists just for you can make the process simple, easy, and much more fun!

Education & Empowerment

Understanding how to eat and create meals to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and ease depression are imperative for success. I pride myself on educating you on how to make healthy substitutions in your diet, how to shop, cook and eat to ensure you have a resilient foundation.

1:1 Coaching Support

You're not alone! With me at your side to inspire, empower and educate you, you’ll be supported in setting the healthy foundation to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and ease depression.

Custom Nutrition Plan with Food & Supplement Recommendations

Your custom nutrition plan will outline the best foods to meet your unique health goals and reduce stress, relieve anxiety and ease depression! It also includes supplement recommendations and a schedule to ensure you’re maximizing your nutrient intake for long-term relief.

“She was able to quickly get me on the right supplements, identify food allergies, and set me up with a diet plan.”

“Susan knows her stuff inside and out. She's an exceptional holistic nutritionist and will help you get the results you want, efficiently and effectively.”

“Susan is amazing, I trust her wholeheartedly.”

My mission with the Foundation Program is to lay a healthy base to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and ease depression naturally!

In the Foundation Program, we will determine your food allergies; help you understand why you’re making healthy dietary and lifestyle changes; empower you to make those healthy changes; and equip you with knowledge of the best foods, recipes, and a shopping list to make it happen!  

If you’re ready to lay the foundation and set yourself up for a life where you can cope with stress, anxiety and depression when then hit, then the Foundation Program is for you!

And, if you’re still not sure if this program is for you, let’s get on the phone and chat!  Sign up below for your Complimentary Health Strategy Session and let’s find the program that best suits you!

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