Whether it be overindulging the night before, or just finishing up some travel, there are going to be times where you let your body get more acidic than you wanted.  Including a few quick alkalizing foods to your morning can help you turn things around and get you back to feeling energized for your day.

Remember the Importance of Alkalizing Your Body

Alkalizing the body means reducing inflammation and creating an environment ripe for energy production.  When you have a healthy, energy-producing cellular environment, your body is able to heal and your moods are improved.  On the contrary, when you’re body is acidic, it creates inflammation, fatigue and an environment ripe for a disease process.  This is a critical concept to remember when you’re working to improve your health and energy production.

Three Easy Ways to Alkalize Your Morning

One of the most powerful ways to alkalize your morning is to start your day with some liquid chlorophyll and water. Besides being one of the most alkalizing substances, chlorophyll helps the body build red blood cells which deliver oxygen to your cells (and your mitochondria need oxygen to produce energy).  Simply adding in one dropper full of liquid chlorophyll to a cup of water and drinking it can be an easy way to get your day started on an energy-producing and alkalizing path. My favorite liquid chlorophyll is found here (and if you haven’t signed up for my online dispensary yet, let me know and I’ll get you hooked up) 

Another quick and easy way to alkalize your morning is to start with green tea and lemon.  Both green tea and lemon are alkalizing to the body, unlike coffee which is acidifying. When you need a little caffeine and want to get the benefits of alkaline foods, a cup of organic green tea with a squeeze of lemon can satisfy both these needs.   You can even do a green tea/herbal tea blend, like green tea with lemongrass to further promote alkalinity. Not only does this practice promote alkalinity, it also helps to clear out any build up that may be in your liver & gallbladder bile ducts, which are essential to keep clean for detoxification.

The last tip is to start your day with some organic, fresh-pressed juice.  This is an excellent way to get a therapeutic amount of vitamins and minerals in the body to boost your nutrient intake and get alkalized.  I’m a huge fan of a carrot juice blend in the morning, especially when combined with cucumber, celery, apple and ginger. This blend is alkalizing, delicious and nutritious!  And if you’re really feeling like getting rid of inflammation and boosting your digestive function, consider adding in some straight celery juice to your morning routine.

How will you start alkalizing your morning? What would it feel like to start the day energized and joyful?  If you find yourself in need of more energized mornings, start incorporating some of these quick and easy tips and reap the benefits they have to offer.  Need more help?  Drop me a line and let’s discuss how we can get you supercharged with some Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching!

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