My Story

Hi, I’m Susan.  A former fast food addict turned Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, working to make healthy eating easy, affordable and fun!  I’ve been sick, I’ve been depressed and I’ve had enough of it.  You’re likely here because you’re ready for a change.  You’re ready to make changes to your health that will be sustainable and lasting.  Everyone can benefit from working with a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and I’m here to meet you where you are and pull you through your journey.  You can change your life with nutrition, and I’d be honored to show you the way!

Growing up and into my early 20s, I was following the Standard American Diet.  My body was highly acidic, my moods were down in the dumps, I suffered from fatigue daily, I ate fast food at least once a day and indulged in unhealthy, processed foods ALL THE TIME.  All of the things I wanted to enjoy in life like hiking, biking, and tennis were nearly impossible because I felt so terrible!

My story begins with a tipping point.  At age 23, I was camping and woke up feeling as though I had been stabbed.  Little did I know at the time, I was having a severe gallbladder attack due to my poor diet and food allergies.  I tried everything Western Medicine offered me to fix my stabbing pains, but to no avail.  I knew there had to be a better answer!  That’s when I dove into Natural Medicine and Holistic Nutrition and learned that food is medicine and there is a better way to a healthy, active body.

Fast forward 9 years later and now I’m a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist helping people to energize their nutrition and lifestyle.  I’ve spent the last several years honing in my expertise and have over 1000 hours of study just in Holistic Nutrition and over 1000 hours in clinical practice.  My mission as a Holistic Nutritionist is simple, to help guide active individuals on how to find their health and happiness via nutrition and lifestyle.  I do this through educating my clients on holistic nutrition and lifestyle principles, and through teaching holistic nutrition at the Energetic Health Institute.  I specialize in working with active individuals and athletes, who want to get the most out of their performance and increase their energy production!

I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to energize YOUR nutrition and lifestyle, and show you just how amazing you can feel!

Much Love,


Nutritionist on a Mission

I’m on a mission to help active individuals get the most out of their nutrition to support their lifestyle.  I practice what I preach and make the most out of my diet and lifestyle to support my active life!

Environmental Advocate

I’m a huge supporter of taking care of our planet and help my clients learn how to do the same by incorporating plant-based, earth-friendly meals into their routine.

Passionate Teacher

I’m happy to be able to teach what I love!  While I enjoy working with clients 1:1, I also love to teach!  I’ve been a teacher of Holistic Nutrition for over a year and am passionate about cultivating other exceptional healers!

Athlete Extraordinaire

I’m a fan of supporting my active lifestyle with the right foods!  I’m an avid mountain biker, hiker and tennis player and if I’m not working or in my kitchen, you’ll likely find me doing one of the three!

Program Adviser

I’m honored to be working as a Nutrition Adviser for the WarriorUp to Win athletic program.  We help child athletes learn about nutrition and how to make huge impacts on improving their athletic performance!

Alkalizing Foods Enthusiast

I’m completely in love with creating alkalizing meals for myself and my clients.  I am devoted to my own health and nourishing my body and I love helping others turn food into medicine.  When we alkalize our foods, we alkalize our moods!