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I’m Susan Valandra, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Owner of Nutrition 27 in Scottsdale, AZ. I specialize in helping individuals reduce stress, relieve anxiety and ease depression by using holistic nutrition and lifestyle practices.  I offer a variety of virtual Nutrition & Lifestyle programs and I’d be grateful to work with you on your journey back to health and happiness!

Reduce Stress

Together we’ll find the best nutrition tips and lifestyle tricks to help you cope with stress in a healthy way!

Relieve Anxiety

We’ll determine the best natural remedies to alleviate your anxiety so you can feel empowered to care for yourself and feel your best when anxieties arise!

Ease Depression

We’ll find and understand the root cause of your depression so you can implement the best natural methods to help lift your spirits for the long-term!

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Let's Work Together

It’s my mission to empower you with all the strategies, tools, and know-how you need to naturally feel happier and healthier! All of my programs are customized to YOU and your body and mind’s unique needs, and I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

The Foundations Program at Nutrition 27 is a holistic nutrition plan that's ideal for beginners or do-it-yourself-ers. Establish the foundations to optimal health and improve your mood with food!


Just need to get started on a healthy nutritional program?  The Foundations will lay the path out for you!

The Elevate Program at Nutrition 27 is a holistic nutrition plan that includes 1-on-1 coaching support and specialized testing to help take your health to the next level.


Need a solid foundation and 1:1 support to get you there?  The Elevate Program has you covered!

The Vitality Program at Nutrition 27 is a holistic nutrition plan that includes the highest level of support to optimize your health and lifestyle goals and improve your mood with food!


Are you ALL in?  If you’re ready to go all the way in maximizing your health, the Vitality Program is waiting for you!

“I can't begin to express just how fantastic my experience with Susan has been! I became her client to get my cholesterol under control, but the benefits have been so much more comprehensive. Susan provides an education in how food functions as medicine, for the common issues like weight management, diabetes prevention and energy, but also for unexpected challenges like improving and maintaining your heart, brain, lungs, thyroid, prostate and kidneys.

Since becoming her client my stress levels have been dramatically reduced to where they're almost a non-issue. She provides the kind of advice that enables you to prevent negative emotions from causing you to eat poorly and turn those emotions in to positive ones that incentivize you to eat well. And you will like the foods you eat! Susan will know what healthy foods will fit your 'taste profile." I'm sleeping tremendously well and I feel markedly better when I exercise. I tried to reform my diet for a long time but made some common mistakes I never would've solved on my own.

Susan knows nutrition inside and out and provided me with the education I needed to finally have a really healthy diet. Don't make the same mistakes I did! Let Susan be your guide on your journey to a healthier you! ”

Knows Nutrition Inside & Out!!

“I can’t say enough amazing things about Susan and her services! Those who know me, know that I am an extremely picky person with very lofty expectations, and Susan is one of the rare souls that truly impressed me. As a fitness nut, I had some joint pain, was dealing with more aches than usual overall, so I sought her nutritional guidance. She educated me, set up a supplement plan that was all natural, and I can’t even describe what a difference it made for my pain and my overall health. I feel 10 years younger and I don’t get sick… what could be better!”

I Feel 10 Years Younger!

“Not sure what I would do without Susan. She is my first and, if I'm lucky, will be my only nutritionist. Nutritionist, however, doesn't seem like a fitting title as she has served as my committed life coach, helping me build the confidence I needed to overcome health challenges like gout and prevent others, like diabetes. She has held me accountable and equipped me with knowledge that I've used to make better choices, which more than likely has saved my life. Susan, I can't thank you enough.”

More Than Likely Saved My Life

“Susan's extensive knowledge of health and nutrition is what has impressed me most. When I sat with her and shared my health story, she was patient and kind. She provided me with a wonderful list of herbal and nutritional remedies that have really worked! I do recommend Susan as she is highly engaged in her client's care!”

Engaged in Her Client's Care

“I want to tell you again that I am so thankful that I was referred to you. You have changed my life greatly. I have the energy to keep up with life and grandkids. The information that you have taught me is lifelong information that I hope I can stick to in order to stay as healthy as I can! (and I share with everyone!)

Energy to Keep up with Life!
I'm Susan Valandra: a Certified Holistic Nutritionist living in Scottsdale Arizona who helps people improve their mood with food and live their happiest, healthiest lives by optimizing their nutrition and lifestyle.

Hi! I'm Susan.

I’m a former fast-food addict turned Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, working to make healthy eating easy, affordable and fun!
As a Holistic Nutritionist, I believe eating tasty, whole foods regularly helps naturally support your body and boosts your energy production.
No crazy, scary cleanses in my programs (unless you want them)! Just real, whole foods and whole food recipes that are delicious and nutritious.
My mission is to help empower and educate people on how to use food as medicine. To ignite their healing journey and return the body to a state of health and vitality. My story is proof that change is possible, and I’m here to help you transform your health and well-being.

It’s time to Say Yes to Life!

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