Essentials Package

Are you excellent at self-motivating and just need a little guidance and education on healthy eating?  With the Food Allergy testing included, this package teaches you how to use Food as Medicine for your own body.  With a group focus, support is offered through group calls and a private Facebook group just for my clients.  Get more details below!

Pro Package

Have you been experiencing a chronic health issue and desire customized guidance and support?  With both the Food Allergy and Organic Acids Tests included, this package really tailors a treatment plan to your body’s own unique needs.  This package includes both group and 1:1 support with me.  This plan also includes personalized recipes selected just for you!  Get more details below!

Elite Package (Local clients only)

Are you ALL IN and ready to take the plunge into a healthy diet and lifestyle?  With this package, we get you into the kitchen and feeling confident about cooking healthy meals and setting up your kitchen to be a true Farmacy.  To further your confidence in healthy eating, I take you through the grocery store or farmer’s market to show you how you can eat healthy and still stay on a budget too!  Get more details below!

Food Allergy Testing

Do you have any chronic health issues like eczema, sinus infections or asthma?  Often times, I find chronic health issues are influenced by food allergens in the diet.  In testing for your food allergens, we determine how to best use food as medicine for your body!


Organic Acids Testing

Do you feel like your digestion may be out of balance?  There are several chronic illnesses that can be tied to abnormal organic acids, including allergic conditions and neurological disorders.  The Organic Acids Test is a great way to look at your metabolism and assess the health of your digestive flora.


Cleansing, Detox & Fasting

Looking for a reset for your body?  For my package clients, I offer optional service add ons for cleansing, detoxification & fasting.  These are all great ways to help the body heal itself and support optimal energy production!


Essentials Package Details

  • Discover your Delayed Food Allergens with IgG Testing included!
  • Learn How to Eat & Stay Healthy in your Nutrition Education session!
  • Enjoy a Private Facebook Group for Support + Recipes
  • Attend Weekly Group Accountability Calls Virtually
  • Secure 15% off your Supplement Orders for Life!
  • Feast On One Week of Whole Foods Meal Plan Ideas
  • Score the Core 4 Supplementation Guide
  • Savor 27 Smoothie Recipes!

Pro Package Details

  • Discover your Delayed Food Allergens with IgG Testing included
  • Uncover metabolism imbalances with Organic Acids Testing included
  • Begin your journey with a thorough Discovery Session with Susan
  • Receive a Customized Nutritional Plan designed Just for You
  • Attend 3 Private Follow Up sessions with Susan for Accountability
  • Learn all about Healthy Eating with the Educational Session
  • Access the Private Facebook Group for Support + Recipes
  • Access Weekly Group Accountability Calls on Zoom
  • Secure 20% off your Supplement Orders for Life
  • Savor 1 Week of Tailored Recipes made just for You

Elite Package Details

  • All the Pro Package PLUS:
    • Enjoy a Healthy Cooking Lesson with Meal Prep Tips
    • Get help with your Kitchen Organization + Pantry Setup
    • Access more 1:1 Accountability appointments, as needed (up to 1/week)
    • Learn to shop healthy with a Farmer’s Market and/or Grocery Store Tour